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Hi, I'm Mary. My blog consists of food porn, fandoms, the Vlogbrothers, feminism, cats, cuttlefish, art, photography, and other totally random shit that I like, in no particular order. Sometimes I also say things. I'm not unique or special.

I have never been more excited and terrified to read a book. Everyone says it is deeply personal and that it has a lot to do with his relationship with Amanda. I’m interested to see how he writes it because, for those of you who know about my romantic situation, I feel like it might hit home really strongly with me. The distance and loneliness and being in a relationship with someone who puts their work ahead of yours. I have no idea if it will be that obvious. But I’ve been trying for three years to put into words the feelings I have and I’m very anxious to see Neil Gaiman accomplish just that. 

  • 18 June 2013